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Our training

Wissam Beauty Inc. is a hair salon that offers training in hair straightening using the best products available on the market. Participants can expect to learn the most advanced and effective techniques for achieving perfect straightening on their clients' hair. The high-quality products used during training guarantee optimal performance and long-lasting results. Trained stylists can be sure to offer their clients the highest quality straightening services using the best techniques and products available.

The course of the training

The course of the hair straightening training may vary depending on the option chosen, but in general, it takes place over one or two days, with a theoretical part in the morning and a practical part in the afternoon.

In the morning, participants will have the opportunity to discover the different most popular straightening techniques, such as Brazilian straightening, tannin straightening, protein straightening and hair botox.

The trainer will discuss the differences between the techniques, the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, as well as the associated products and tools.

In the afternoon, participants will practice the techniques learned in the morning using a model. They will also be able to ask questions and get personalized advice from trainers.

Post-training follow-up will also be offered for participants to ensure they have understood the techniques and can reproduce them on their own clients.

In conclusion, the course of hair straightening training is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive and enriching experience, covering both theory and practice.

what is included in the training kit

Hair straightening training includes several important elements to enable participants to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to practice the different straightening techniques.

  1. Theoretical book: Participants will receive a theoretical book that will guide them through the different stages of the training and help them understand the fundamental principles of hair straightening.

  2. Clarifying shampoo and treatment product: One liter of clarifying shampoo and one liter of treatment product will be included for participants to familiarize them with the products used in the different straightening techniques.

  3. Bowl, brush, brush, apron, cutting cape: Participants will receive these accessories to help them put into practice the techniques learned during the training.

The training includes all the necessary tools so that participants can practice straightening techniques successfully and be ready to use them with their clients once the training is completed.

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